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Chaerea "Chae" Snorten, Executive Principal

Chaerea Denning

The task of leadership is not to put greatness into people, but to elicit it for greatness is there already.  – John Buchan  

Who am I, is a question we challenge our students to explore upon entering NBPHS.  Here’s a little about me:

I’m a native of Nashville and graduate of Whites Creek Comprehensive High School.

 My family has instilled in me the value of education as well as treating others how I’d like to be treated.

I am currently in the doctoral program at Tennessee State University where I have also received my BS in Social Work, MS in Pre K-12 Guidance & Counseling and EdS in Administration & Supervision.

I’ve worked with MNPS since 2000 at various schools including Napier Enhanced Option Elementary School, Martha Vaught Middle School
and currently Nashville Big Picture High School.  

Service to others has been my personal mantra and calling which I am able to do daily.

I believe that you should make all attempts to be the best possible role model for those around you!

I am committed to planting seeds (encouraging words) of personal success to all of my students as well as staff and to also help them see and reach their full potential.

*I am extremely proud to be the mother of a beautiful daughter!

My hobbies include singing, writing, skating, finding interesting apps on the iPad, event planning and spending time with my family and friends.

I love working at NBPHS because I serve the best and brightest students, the most incredible staff and tremendously supportive families!

During my time at Big Picture, I’ve observed students as they design their courses of study including internships and college which are highlighted by their student exhibitions,” Denning said. “As students present what they’ve ascertained during the quarter, it is simply astonishing as to see the vision of their “Big Picture” becoming a reality.”
Chaerea Snorten

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