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Victoria Ragan, Dean of Students

Victoria Ragan
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     I have been part of the Metro Nashville Public School System most of my life, either as a student or as an educator.  On June 9, 2014, I officially retired as a full-time employee for MNPS after 42 years of service. I have, however, accepted a position as Dean of Students at Nashville Big Picture High School for the upcoming 2014-2015school year, a part time position which will allow me to work at Big Picture for 120 days mostly on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays while students are not attending their LTI’s.  Serving as Dean of Students will allow me to work closely with all Big Picture students to ensure their academic success and help them develop their emotional maturity as they matriculate through high school.  Providing instructional support to the Big Picture advisors will also be another responsibility.

  Being an educator and lifelong learner, I believe, has kept my spirit young. I believe that everyone can learn. Research indicates that there are 150 plus I.Q.’s. Each of us has our own unique intelligence and gifts that cannot be labeled by one particular standardized test. I’m excited to be able to serve as Dean of Students. I look forward to supporting all students at Big Picture as they work to attain their college and career goals.

Victoria is Dean of Students at Nashville Big Picture.

Favorite quote: “Knowledge is power.”

Victoria has a daughter, son and three grandchildren. Victoria has three dogs, a cat and a horse. Victoria enjoys spending time with her family, both two-legged and four-legged. She loves horseback riding and listening to music. Her favorite genres of music are R&B, Classical, Celtic and Country. Victoria also enjoys watching movies, reading, writing, and, believe it or not, working. She’s happy to be aboard the unique Nashville Big Picture High School.